Maisie's Journey

And so it begins

Sara / September 10, 2017

After a quick messenger poll amongst friends it looked as though there were two local riding schools worth looking at. I rang the first and “The Major” answered – I have no idea if he was a Major but if he wasn’t he had missed his calling in life. I explained to him that Maisie and her friend Harriet would like to begin to ride and that we could get them there for about 4:30pm on a Thursday, would they be able to fit us in? He rather abruptly told me that beginners lessons were between 0800 and 1330 on Saturday mornings and that there was a waiting list. I thanked him and put the phone down and tried the other one. A lovely girl called Flick answered, Thursdays? How about 4:45pm? Perfect – see you next week. But Mummy I don’t have any jodhpurs!!! Oh dear what have I started………..

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