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But I absolutely must have….

Sara / October 1, 2017

“Mummy, I am so excited about my riding lesson next week, but you do realise that I will need some stuff before I can go?”
“What sort of stuff my angel?”
“I have written a list, there are check boxes so that you can tick off things when you have them”
Yes, I was speechless, but here is the list and my replies;
1. A pony – don’t worry the riding school has these
2. A riding hat with a pink & purple cover – if you enjoy it and want to continue you could have one for Christmas, the riding school will lend you one until you have your own.
3. Riding boots – Christmas?
4. pink jodhpurs, blue jodhpurs, teal jodhpurs – Christmas?
5. Body protector – see number 2
6. Gloves – yes, we can get gloves

I am not falling into the same trap as the ballet and drama fads, if anyone wants a tutu, ballet shoes, dance shoes, jazz trousers, special dance hoodie let me know, they are on top of the wardrobe gathering dust.

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