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Can I Have A Pony Mummy?

Sara / September 2, 2017

Erm, no! But you can have riding lessons if our kind friend Nikki will take you. And so started our journey into the world of ponies, little did I know what we were letting ourselves on for.
“Mummy, I have looked in my pony book and I will need a pony, saddle, bridle, riding hat, body protector, jompers, gloves and riding boots”
“Crikey,that’s a lot, surely the riding school will provide the pony, saddle and bridle and perhaps you can ask for a hat and boots for Christmas? I think they are pronounced jodhpurs, perhaps we can look at getting some of those”
I had to Google body protectors they didn’t have them in my day, well jockeys wore them sometimes, they were optional now there are quite a lot of different types I am sure we can borrow one…….

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